Nipple Areola Complex (NAC) Tattooing – a Client’s Story

A client who recently visited me for Nipple Areola Complex (NAC) Tattooing talks about her experience.

“I initially came to see Tracie to have a semi-permanent make-up treatment on my eyebrows, which I lost after going through chemotherapy and radio therapy treatment for cancer. Whilst chatting I discovered that Tracie also carried out areola and nipple tattooing. As part of my cancer treatment I had also undergone a mastectomy. The operation was performed about 10 years ago and at the time the consultant said I could go and talk to a nurse at the hospital about having a semi-permanent treatment on my breast, but to be honest I had had enough of hospitals at that time and didn’t follow this up. It was never mentioned again at any follow-up appointments.

Before and After Areola and Nipple Recontruction web
Before and After Areola and Nipple Recontruction

The scar on my breast is a constant reminder of my illness; having my eyebrows tattooed has really helped me and so I decided to ask Tracie to proceed with a semi-permanent treatment on my breast. Tracie is such a warm and caring person who takes time to listen and gives you so much care and attention. Once the treatment had finished and I looked in the mirror I felt instantly different; I felt normal again. I was on cloud nine.

I have no hesitation in recommending Tracie, she is a true angel and I can’t thank her enough for what she has done for me.”

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Becoming me again

A recent client who came to me for semi-permanent eyebrows sent this and I wanted to share it with you.  She writes….


I lost my eyebrows at the end of chemotherapy and radio therapy treatment for cancer.  Looking back at photos, my eyebrows were the last of my hair to go, so I wasn’t too worried when they took a while to come back.  However, 2 years on I had to admit I had waited long enough.   Although I could feel a few hairs on my brow close to my nose and at the outer edge of my eye, the few hairs were blond; the brow was patchy and there was not enough to call an eyebrow.


I researched semi-permanent makeup, both on the net and asking friends and colleagues.   I found that Tracie was the most qualified I could find in Warwickshire and she had the most information.  I was particularly reassured to see so many before and after photos, and all the ‘after photos’ looked so much better than the ‘before photos’.


At my initial consultation, Tracie was welcoming friendly and keen to make me feel comfortable.  We discussed my requirements and Tracie drew on the best eyebrows I had seen on myself ever.  I mean ever, they were better than the ones that used to grow, that I shaped over the years by plucking and waxing.  These eyebrows were the business, suddenly my eyes shone in my face and I couldn’t stop smiling.


I had 2 treatments with Tracie, the first one created the eyebrows and the second was a top up 6 weeks later, to boost the colour and make them a little denser.  She created the shape she showed me at our initial consultation, choosing a Semi Permanent Eyebrows before and after colour that matches my skin tone and compliments my hair.


The process is slightly uncomfortable, I would say similar to waxing.  Tracie is very generous with the anesthetising cream so there is no pain and any discomfort is quickly gone.  One thing I hadn’t expected was that the process can make you sneeze!


Since my initial treatment I have been complimented on how well I look and I feel good too. I am sure I come across as more confident and I feel more comfortable in my skin.  For me having my eyebrows done has drawn a line under my illness.  Now I recognise myself in the mirror again; I am me once more.

Thank you Tracie.

Who is that in the mirror?

Girl in mirrorWhen we look in the mirror we expect to recognise ourselves. We may not like what we see, perhaps a poor night’s sleep has left us with shadows under the eyes; an illness is affecting skin tone or we are just looking grubby and needing a shower. But we recognise the image as our self.

For many of my clients, who have lost their eyebrows, they tell me that they don’t recognise themselves in the mirror, until they have created their eyebrows each morning. A recent client said that without eyebrows she had a shock each time she looked in a mirror, she felt she was looking at a scarecrow version of herself.

Until you lose eyebrows it is almost impossible to understand what a huge impact they have on the definition of a face. As well as defining forehead and eye area, eyebrows balance cheek bones and jaw line, giving proportion and character to the face.

Whilst there are apps and advice to look at hairstyle and clothes shape there is very little about the impact of eyebrows. Styles change over the years with highly plucked styles out of fashion and a heavier brow in favour at the moment.

What many of my clients don’t realise is how a subtle change in eyebrow shape can emphasise the eye. By just slightly changing the curve from the centre of the eyebrow to the outer edge, the other end from the nose, the eyes can appear larger and brighter, making the whole face seem more open and expressive.

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