Correctional Work

I take great pride in my work and always do my best to achieve the perfect look for you. Client satisfaction is paramount to me.

Unfortunately within the semi-permanent make-up or clinical tattooing industry this is not always the case and sadly more and more people are booking appointments with me to carry out correctional work on semi-permanent treatments they have had done elsewhere.

It is important that you tell me about any previous make-up tattooing treatments you have had done as this may affect how I decide to treat you.

I need to ensure that my hair stroke technique will work over any previous tattooing. For instance, if eyebrows are dark, solid, misshapen, miscoloured, misplaced or created with a carbon based pigment, my technique may not work.

If you would like to see me for semi-permanent make up correctional work it is best if you contact me and send me a photo for me to review.