Microblading vs Semi-Permanent make-up

I have been providing treatments for Semi-Permanent make-up for over16 years and I have built up a loyal and trusting client examples-of-semi-permanentbase.

Something that I am often asked is, what is the difference between Semi-Permanent and Microblading?

Well, believe it or not they are quite similar. Microblading involves using a tool that is like a pencil, with a disposable blade that is made from many small needles. Patients sometimes prefer this method as the blade tends to be thinner than a lot of semi-permanent make up needles.

However, the semi-permanent make up that I provide uses a Nano needle which is ultra-fine for maximum effect. This means that you are left with the same effect as you would be with microblading, but it will last longer. Using a nano-needle also gives me greater control and enables me to produce a more natural look.

The application of semi-permanent make-up – which is also sometimes known as tattooed make-up – is a simple and safe process that gives you the results you are after and leaves you feeling confident. I have been trained by Finishing Touches, one of the country’s leading training schools and I am their only semi-permanent make-up artist across the Warwickshire area.


If you would like to know more about the difference between Microblading and Semi-Permanent make-up, book in for a consultation today and I can explain more.