Semi Permanent Eyebrows

Before and After tattooed eyebrowsIt is important to create a natural looking eyebrow shape which compliments your features and works with your face shape and colouring.

I will spend time with you drawing on the eyebrow shape initially to ensure you are happy and you also know what to expect. If you prefer, you can draw on your own before you come to see me and we can work together to create the perfect shape.

I treat both men and women and there are many reasons why they come to see me for semi-permanent eyebrows, the most common ones include:

  • Eyebrow loss through alopecia or chemotherapy
  • Eyebrows that have faded through ageing
  • Eyebrows that have disappeared through over plucking

Semi permanent eyebrows involves a process similar to tattooing, but using a natural pigmentation. Treatments tend to last between 1 to 3 years.

I will also carry out correctional work if you are not happy with a treatment you have received elsewhere, I do ask to see a photo beforehand before I agree to carry out treatment as I will only consider correctional treatment is the pigment has gone by over 90%.

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