What is Advanced Electrolysis?

Advanced Electrolysis, otherwise known as Advanced Cosmetic Procedures, uses the heat from an electric current to the remove hair roots or small blemishes on the skin.

Using Advanced Electrolysis, I can remove a range of fibrous and vascular skin blemishes, including skin tags, warts, seborrhoeic warts, milia [whiteheads], red veins, spider veins, blood spots, pigmentation patches and other marks or lumps on your  skin.

The Advanced Cosmetic Procedures I am able to carry out are becoming more popular as people are educated in the benefits of using electrolysis this way.

I will always carry out a free, confidential and no-obligation consultation before carrying out any procedure and if appropriate I may advise you to seek medical advice first.

If you have any questions on the skin conditions that can be treated or would like to book your consultation please get in touch.